BCINet Wireless
Alarm Monitoring

BCINet Advantages:

  • No Upfront Equipment Costs
  • Immediate Substantial Savings
  • Quicker Signal Transmission
  • Mitigate Equipment Obsolescence
  • Increased Reliability

Why change from traditional POTs (Plain Old Telephone) line fire alarm monitoring to BCINet?

Because fire alarm monitoring requires a dual path for signal transmission, two POTs lines (traditionally one dedicated, the other non-dedicated) were used.  With advancements in technology, VoIP has become the preferred business telecommunications application.  As a result, two dedicated POTs lines are now required since VoIP is an unacceptable means for fire alarm monitoring signal transmission.

Now that POTs lines are in rapid decline, incur a substantial monthly cost and deliver slower signal transmission speed, the business proposition is simple – sign up for BCINet wireless monitoring and eliminate your POTs line expense forever.

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