DAS cellular service in tall buildings

BCI Gets Certified with SOLiD Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS)

This week our Structured Cabling team was in Dallas, TX receiving their product certification for SOLiD’s DAS product line.

Distributed Antennae Systems or DAS is a solution for areas in large buildings with poor cellular coverage. This coverage is expanded by installing a network of smaller antennas distributed throughout the building that serves as repeaters. SOLiD is an excellent provider of this system that supports public safety communications, 2-way radio, and commercial wireless services.

These services are delivered through a single fiber and common head-end, creating a seamless system that works for your staff and clients.

SOLiD has different DAS platforms that efficiently deliver wireless RF signals into commercial/enterprise buildings, campuses, hospitals, stadiums, airports, or any location that typically are hard to cover with outdoor macro wireless networks. Thus, whichever market you are in, BCI can provide you with a SOLiD DAS system that works best in your location.
poor cellular service

With the certification, our BCI team will be able to expand on their prior cabling and DAS knowledge and experience, bringing on a skilled vendor to add to our incredible list. We are excited about our new partnership and the solutions we can provide to our clients.

Have any questions or want more information on DAS or SOLiD? Contact us today and we will provide you with a free consultation or your location and the solutions we can provide