video wall in bar restaurant

RumFish Grill

Tradewinds Island Resort
St. Pete Beach, FL

Recently Tradewinds’ Resort went through the largest upgrade it has experienced in over two decades.  Guy Harvey has inspired the Tradewinds to be an aquatic life themed bar and grill. This would be the main draw to the resorts, BCI and ATM Tank manufacturers were brought in to provide the technology and a massive 33,000-gallon fish tank to the space.

BCI provided a 3 x 3 video wall for guests to watch 9 simultaneous images for game night or the ability for any combination of larger images for the presentation or simply different configurations. An outdoor stage was supported with permanently installed live sound. This stage could be physically opened up to enter to the interior bar and distributed throughout the entire venue. This system made use of a 32 x 32 matrix switch to distribute audio and video to five unique areas for independent or whole display and control.