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Security Solutions that work.

BCI’s certified system consultants and design staff can assist you in determining possible threats, identifying assets, quantifying risks & liabilities, and developing a customized solution that works for you automatically.

Why choose BCI Security?

Camera Analytics

Utilize analytics to cater your video system to your specific needs.

Maximum Data Storage

BCI provides all of your calculations to ensure that your server can support your camera recordings.

Remote Access

Carry your security system everywhere you go using remote control, video capture, and Bluetooth technology.

Systems Integration

Integrate all your systems in your facility with one open platform.

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Open Platform Video Management


  • Use analytics to automate workflow procedures
  • Automate security action and response
  • Scalable to grow as your facility grows
  • True open platform to integrate with other building systems
  • Interactive mapping
  • Centralized system management

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BCI has the perfect solution to all your business needs. As a full integrator of low-voltage systems, BCI is capable of any size project for almost all components of your business.



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