BCI has a long track record of supplying cutting edge technology as part of the solutions we specify for our clients. Laser projectors are no exception to this, with a brighter, higher contrast and more saturated image, it’s no wonder these projectors are starting to become more popular in corporate and education environments, as well as for houses of worship like mosques, masjids, synagogues, and churches. These new lamp-less projectors are rated for more than 20,000 hours of life on the laser light engine. That equates to less maintenance expenses over the lifetime of the projector.

At Sun Hydraulics, BCI installed a Sony 7000 lumens WUXGA projector as part of full video display system for the company’s training room. The projector displays a crisp and bright image for their meetings and sessions, helping facilitate training and other meetings in the room.

Sun Hydraulics Training Center

We are also in the process of bringing this amazing technology to other companies such as Michael Saunders & Company Realty and Community AIDS Network, now CAN Community Health.

Below are ten reasons your business or campus can benefit from this great technology brought to you by Sony through BCI.

Find our more about Sony’s amazing laser projection technology here. Let us know if you’re interested in developing your collaboration tech.

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