Technology systems in the workplace can be a headache for a bunch of different reasons, but there are some easy ways to make things simpler. One of the most effective ways to reduce your overhead and receive speedy installation and maintenance is to bundle your solutions with the same company.

If you’re opening a new corporate location and need a security system, fire alarms, smoke detectors, audiovisual systems, plus a data network and structured cabling to maintain all those systems, why not count on the same company to deliver all that plus maintenance to you? The same concept applies to existing stadium technology infrastructure, hospitality disciplines like restaurants and hotels, and anywhere you use a lot of tech and data to empower visitors and staff.

There are a lot of great reasons to consider bundling your services with a knowledgeable system integrator, so let’s look at some of the best benefits.

1: Your Overall Costs Are Lower

Bundling your technology systems with one company can significantly cut your technology costs. By letting one company handle all of your systems, you can reduce the amount of labor and companies involved in the design and install process.

This gives us a full picture of systems you need designed and installed, letting us attend to them more quickly and efficiently. The same integrator setting up your data network, running structured cabling to each drop, and installing the security cameras, access control, audiovisual systems, and other technologies becomes a much cheaper and more manageable process from both our end, and yours.

Reducing your overall design and install cost frees up funding for you to purchase even more impressive hardware for video collaboration, security, or video walls to further improve the flow and safety of products and information. Or, you can spend the money on another part of your business that needs improvement. The important thing is you’ve saved some cash!

2: One Company for All Your Design, Install, and Maintenance Needs

When you go with one provider for your technology needs, that integrator takes responsibility for providing a turnkey solution that meets your precise specifications. Every inch of your electronic systems, from the angle of each security camera to the distance between fire alarms on a given floor will be carefully mapped to meet both your and regulatory requirements. A unified response from a system integrator can make processing change orders or other small requests for alteration with much faster, and let the integrator look toward the long term upkeep your products demand.

Those returns show during the design and install phase because it gives an integrator like ours a wider opportunity to provide you with a seamless, long-term solution plus the training and support required to master your technology.

Those returns show during the design and install phase because it gives an integrator like ours a wider opportunity to provide you with a seamless, long-term solution plus the training and support required to master your technology.

BCI has never failed to deliver for a client in nearly twenty years of continuous operation, and we don’t plan to start today. Our installs are clean, sleek, and elegant, particularly for large data center projects like the Pinellas County Public Safety Complex. We credit our success on those kind of large jobs to the holistic approach we can take with you regarding pricing, integration, and installation.

3: Long-Term Relationships and Understanding of Your Technology

One of the best returns on your investment when it comes to bundling is a sustained relationship with a tech integrator you can trust with your systems. That long-term relationship can better prepare you for further upgrades to your data network down the road, and keep your technology in top shape through an extended maintenance agreement.

It’s important to remember that not every company appreciates the opportunity a long-term relationship with your business presents. You may be unhappy with your current tech service provider and looking for a new one, or just interested in a change of pace or second opinion. Switching to one point of contact for you to go through, offering you a dedicated team to work with, gives you the availability and experience you should demand from an integrator and service provider.

4: More Options When You Integrate Your Systems

Choosing an integrator to handle everything from your fire alarms to your audiovisual systems can pay dividends by giving you access to unique integrations you may not otherwise consider. Setting up your fire alarm system to send mobile device alerts to employees, pushing security footage to the authorities or your security staff at the touch of a button, and other mobile-based or personalized solutions can come into play when you have a dedicated partner on your side.

Bundling also gives us unique opportunities to present you with coordinated systems that support one another, like:

  • Installing security cameras that are especially compatible with your video management system of choice;
  • Creating specialized solutions for needs like a unique access control platform or an immersive audiovisual system in a lobby, stadium, or conference space;
  • Providing structured cabling that can be easily expanded to accommodate company growth in plenum space or other entrances and exits; and
  • Nurse call technology that can display on audiovisual technology like digital signage for larger organizations like assisted living facilities.

These are just a few of the ways an integrator can leverage your technology in new and exciting ways by getting to intimately know your systems through bundling.

5: Access to Cutting-Edge Technology Through a Vendor Network

Technology vendors keep system integrators up to date on their newest technology opportunities, and low voltage electrical contractors should do their utmost to bring those systems to you.

We work with some of the most prominent vendors in AV, security, life safety, and structured cabling in the world to learn their systems inside and out, and we go on to use that knowledge to build the foundations of your technology network.

Wireless technology is one of the most prominent examples of cutting-edge tech, and it’s growing lightning fast in many of our system disciplines, particularly in security with IP-based security cameras and nurse call systems like TekTone’s wireless emergency call systems. Getting you access to that brand new technology is a sure way to keep you ahead of the curve.

But new wired solutions have a lot of clout, and can handle far more data than their wireless counterparts.Emerging network technology like Cat 8 cabling will empower data centers to even greater levels, and many audiovisual and nurse call options are more affordable wired depending on your system’s size.

6: True Tech Bundling Professionals

Okay, this bullet might not apply to every provider in our field. But it does to us.

We’ve been one of the pioneering system integrators in the technology field. We started in 1999 as an audiovisual system installer, but we saw the value of providing opportunities for complete tech solution to our clients very early on.

We expanded in 2003 to provide the full suite of integrated technology systems necessary to turn your business into a secure, collaborative, cutting-edge environment for customers, clients, and staff. We’ve worked on a variety of projects marrying different tech disciplines, and we’re always looking for our next opportunity to bring a complete technology solution to a client.

Our representatives, technicians, and project managers hold certifications in many different product lines, and bring the professional attitude you need to ensure the quickest, smoothest installation possible.

How a Commercial Integrator Can Help Your Business Succeed

The reduced cost, reduced headache, and increased customizability of systems installed by the same integrator are well worth it when counting on a broadly experienced company like BCI Integrated Solutions. Whether you’re looking to kick off a new commercial venture and need several technology solutions to make it a success, or you’re just looking to upgrade old hardware, trust us to give you the options.

Talk to us today to discuss your commercial technology system needs in Florida. We operate out of offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers, and can serve your tech system needs throughout the state.

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