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Guarantee Your Residents and Staff the Safety, Convenience, Privacy, and Security They Desire.

Your facility may have an access control system designed to keep residents and staff safe on its perimeter doors if it’s a long-term care, assisted living facility or rehabilitation facility. This kind of security technology can be used for educational facilities like dorms or corporate campuses, and can be brought inside your facility in a unique way to give your residents and staff another level of safety, and security.

Resident Access Entry Through Wireless Locking Technology

Wireless locks are an easy and affordable way to transition from mechanical keys, that may be lost or changed frequently, to electronic access control. Wireless locks exist on their own or can integrate into an existing access control system.

The wireless locks can be retrofitted to your current door handles and are scalable to any size facility you may have. The resident access technology is utilized through a variety of physical credentials including smart cards, mobile devices, and even smart wrist bands.

Salto wireless lock and keyless entry

Increase Security & Safety

1. Increased Visibility and Control: For some of your residents, it may be difficult to use mechanical keys, creating unnecessary frustration. The wireless locks have a large credential area that is clearly visible and some systems can even be utilized without much contact.

2. Privacy: Ensure your residents’ medical records are kept private and your record security up to applicable HIPPA regulations by placing restricted access locks and controlling room credentials.

3. Auditing & Analytics: All wireless locks are integrated together and through a main server, thus you can easily see the usage history of certain doors and which credentials are being used.

Boost Efficiency in Your Facility

4. Easy to Retrofit: BCI will easily install this into existing mechanical door prep, making this and future transitions as simple as possible for your facility.

5. Electronic Credentials: The electronic credentials are easier to issue than typical ones and can be revoked at any time. You are in control of guest passes and which doors the guest passes can work on, and you can also easily change the credentials of a lock for a new resident to use.

6. Flexibility with the Cloud: The system is easy to manage via the cloud-based mobile and web apps that can be accessed at any time from almost anywhere. Sound like too much? BCI provides training on all our systems to you can feel completely in control of your new system.

credentials for wireless locks with key cards and mobile app
Keyless Entry for BCI access control healthcare

Experience Convenience and Reliability

7. Ease of Use: Above all, the wireless lock system is easy to use by your residents and staff. Give your residents the peace of mind and controlled privacy with technology that works for you and them.

8. Working with BCI: Our trained engineers and technicians will provide you with detailed information on the resident entry system that will work for you and your facility. We work directly with you each step of the way from our first conversation to our training and support. We provide turnkey installation to ensure that your facility continues to run efficiently.

A wireless locking system is perfect for:

  • Resident room doors
  • Pharmaceutical and medical supply storage
  • Health Record or Storage Room
  • Staff and Management Office
  • Food prep and main kitchen areas
  • Treatment or exam rooms
  • Janitorial closets or rooms
  • Any door you would like to be audited

If you’re interested in a wireless locking system, don’t hesitate to talk to us today. We serve all of Florida and we’re ready to help you.

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