Integrating a new nurse call system can feel daunting, even impossible when you think about your daily tasks, staff, and patients. Anything that may interrupt the schedule and flow of your facility, even if it has a positive outcome, can cause you more stress than you think it is worth.

However, here at BCI Integrated Solutions we work with you every step of the way to ensure non-intrusive installation and service. We sit with you and listen to all your facility needs, work within your schedule and stay with you through the entire process. You no longer have to worry about all the hassle that may cause you to keep a nurse call system you are not happy with, and step into the future with a system you can rely on.

Our primary provider for nurse call systems, Jeron, has a few solutions geared towards your facility and budget. For example, Jeron’s Provider 790 changes nurse call from a closed system with patient call and intercom to a more integrated solution managing almost everything from workflow to emergencies.

We maintain other relationships with vendors you may be more comfortable working with, and we’re always willing to give you the exact system you’re looking for if we can.

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