Access control is a security system used to limit access to physical or virtual resources. In physical systems, users must present credentials before they are granted access.

Smart Card Technology

This easy-to-use technology can be used almost anywhere in your building. From adhesive tags to make it easier for your staff to have access or contactless cards. Keep track of your parking garage, front doors, inside server rooms, and more!

Bluetooth Access

Rarely displaced and almost always in hand, the mobile device merges security with convenience. With gesture technology, open a parking gate at your business or control access to automatic doors without contact or need of a physical card.

This application is great for spaces including clubhouses, gyms, secured areas, pool entry, and even classified material storage. All access can be monitored at all times, so you can see exactly who is entering and exiting your building or facility at all times. Read more about mobile access control here.

Cornea Recognition

Use encrypted code technology for each individual person, using video technology to pick up more than 240 unique characters in the iris.

Iris recognition is excellent for spaces where you don’t want your staff or guests to have to carry physical credentials. This application would also be a benefit for any business with a high turn around, such as a call center, where you wouldn’t have to continue to spend money on physical credentials and easily monitor your eye-scan system. Read more from a case study by EyeLock about cornea recognition in access control.

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