In the fire alarm industry, there are always a lot of questions and confusion on who is required to stamp fire alarm shop drawings for permitting. BCI, as a fire alarm contractor is often asked to provide PE stamped and sealed fire alarm drawings as part of the permitting process. As you will read, signed and sealed shop drawings for permitting are not required per Florida State Statues. It is my goal to offer clarification to this matter. Florida State Statue 61G15-32.002 defines the Engineer of Record and their requirements during the design and permitting processes.

This discusses the requirements of the engineer of record. Section (1) states: “Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System(s): The Florida Registered Professional Engineer who develops the Fire Protection System(s) design criteria; performs analysis as required: and is responsible for the preparation of the Fire Protection System Engineering Documents. Except to the limited extent provided in subsection 61G15-32.002(10), F.A.C., the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection system(s) is responsible for providing sealed, signed and dated Fire Protection System Engineering Documents that are in full conformity with the applicable design standards set forth in Rule Chapter 61G15-32, F.A.C.”

The intent of this is not to have two Engineer of Record or two set of engineered stamped drawings from the different engineers in the permitting process. The original Engineer of Record holds the responsibility for the system design and function and cannot assign this responsibility to another engineer or fire alarm contractor to take responsibility for the design.

Section (10) states that the engineer of record will provide the following. This includes the stamping of their design drawings for permitting. (10) Fire Protection Delegated Engineering Documents. Fire Protection System Engineering Documents prepared by a delegated engineer to whom the Engineer of Record for the Fire Protection System has delegated responsibility for the design of a fire protection component or system, and which are signed sealed and dated by the delegated engineer. These documents shall be included in the final set of documents submitted to the owner to be filed for a building permit and Fire Marshall approval.
Now we are at the point of dealing with, BCI, the fire alarm contractor’s, role in the submission of shop drawings and permitting. Since the Engineer of Record has submitted stamped drawings as part of the building permit process, fire alarm contractor shop drawings for permitting are not required to be signed and sealed by a PE. This is covered in Florida Statue 633.322
(2) This chapter does not limit the power of a municipality, county, or special district to adopt any system of permits requiring submission to and approval by the municipality, county, or special district of plans and specifications for work to be performed by contractors before commencement of the work, except that a municipality, county, or special district may not require a fire protection system contractor’s shop drawings to be sealed by a professional engineer.

In closing, the design engineer of record is responsible for the design and function of the life safety system. Drawings submitted to the County, municipality or special district will have only one Engineer of Record.