Don’t Let Audio Visual Problems Disrupt Your Message

Audiovisual equipment plays an important role in your house of worship‘s services. You want to ensure your message is clearly seen and heard, especially during holidays and other important days of worship

Whether your projection system needs upgrading or your audio doesn’t sound how you’d like it, BCI Integrated Solutions can help out 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your audiovisual system in top shape and ready for the challenges of an important time of worship.

We Help You Maintain Your Equipment for All Occasions

It’s good practice to check all of your equipment and on a semi-annual schedule. This includes:

  • Projector repair and maintenance
    • Cleaning the filters in your projector
    • Replace lamps at scheduled intervals
    • Focus adjustments
    • Signal
  • Microphone repair and maintenance
    • Checking mics for dropout and optimum antenna reception
    • Checking mics for proper audio levels
  • Audio Console repair of scratchy or dead channels
  • PTZ Camera repair of motor controls and color balancing

Continuous maintenance can greatly lengthen the lifespan of your equipment, offering you long-term sound and 

At BCI Integrated Solutions, we recognize the importance of your masjid, synagogue, church, or other house of worship’s audiovisual system, and we want to help you maximize the quality of your services. Talk to us today to discuss maintaining, upgrading, or installing a live sound system or other common solution for houses of worship like digital signage and video walls.

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