The threat of fire can be the single greatest danger to your house of worship. Taking minor steps every day especially during holidays, special events or when serving as a temporary shelter can help mitigate the chance of a fire emergency. Take the worry out of your staff and congregation by focusing on what matters most.

Below we have provided three easy steps for you to use to ensure the ongoing safety of your congregation and building.

church ceremony sofetyHousekeeping

There are simple ways to avoid fire events that may include periodic checking for faulty wiring or by keeping combustibles, such as decorations, from candles or other heat sources.  Also consider examining your lighting, air handling units, kitchen appliances, etc.  Additionally, ensure your fire protection systems such as your alarm, sprinkler, extinguisher and suppression systems are tested and certified per your local code requirements by a qualified, licensed contractor.

Service your fire alarm in your chapel


To ensure this element of your fire prevention program is most effective, utilize a licensed contractor for service and have them inspect your fire protection equipment based on the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) code requirements to ensure complete component functionality.  Items frequently overlooked over time are system batteries which should be replaced about every three years and smoke detectors which should be cleaned every few years as their sensors accumulate smoke and other airborne particulates.  BCI technicians are completely qualified and we offer a wide range of comprehensive service plans to any system which will keep you and your congregation safe.

Monitoring station for emergency dispatch


Another component of your fire protection plan should include fire alarm monitoring which is a service that transmits alarm, trouble and supervisory signals to the central station.  This is most frequently accomplished via a set of two phone lines.  However, with advancements in technology, other forms of signal transmission are now available that allow you to eliminate phone lines as well as the related on-going costs.  As a result, substantial savings can be gained just by simply converting your standard phone line format to an alternative.  Ask a BCI representative in order to learn more about this cost-effective solution.

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