At your assisted living facility or rehabilitation center, it’s very important to ensure your staff and residents are having positive and meaningful days. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, some that you may be using already. But one of the most important methods of ensuring a positive day is keeping up with your alarm and security systems functioning. This can allow residents to communicate with staffmembers, give residents the proper freedom to move around and enjoy themselves, and keep them protected. One of the best ways to do this is to work with a dedicated company that will learn your system and what your residents need inside and out.

Installing a fire alarm and security system is a necessary expense for your facility to protect your staff, residents, and property. When installing this system maintenance and monitoring are recommended to ensure that if there were an emergency, you would be ready. If you have multiple properties, having different companies provide this service at all your locations can be strenuous on your time and wallet. Not only that but, when utilizing different companies for all your properties, pricing will vary and you may be paying more for the same service long-term.

When working with BCI, you are using a single company to manage your technology servicing at all your locations. We can customize a preventive maintenance program that provides you with a single source for all your systems.

A service representative will meet with you, tour your facility, and develop a service plan to ensure your systems are tested, inspected and maintained to keep them operating at peak performance.
Your service agreement may include:

  • Fire and burglar monitoring
  • Fire, sprinkler and kitchen hood inspections
  • Extinguisher certification
  • Service repair
  • Parts replacement
  • After hours emergency response
  • All your fire and security needs

Upon completion, we will provide you with the required documentation as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association and your local authority.

The most current techniques and equipment are utilized on every inspection to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s complex fire alarm systems. We make a special effort to thoroughly test and inspect all your systems components for proper operation. We can significantly reduce unwanted false alarms by keeping your smoke detectors clean and ready to respond to the required sensitivity level.

Give your residents and staff the service they deserve, knowing that your fire and security systems will be monitored through one company.

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