With web conferencing becoming the new standard for video conferencing, it’s time to bring this technology to the boardroom, conference room, and huddle room. Each space brings a new set of challenges to ensure a professional experience is delivered to staff and caller during the web conference.

Meeting these challenges will help to provide a more efficient and interactive way to provide remote training, collaboration with other offices, conduct remote interview and face to face communication with remote clients.

A variety of technologies can go into a collaboration tech system. Some of the best business collaboration solutions we’ve created include digital signage players or other video signs to convey information, conference call and video call technology, 

Why Use BCI to Install Your Video Conferencing Technology?

  • We have the expertise to design a professional microphone system for hands free audio pickup;
  • We can provide a speaker system using acoustic echo cancellation technology to ensure professional and naturally sounding calls;
  • We understand how to appropriately size the display for the room and the type of content being presented; and
  • We can also integrate a control system to simplify calls with modern touch panels customized to your company’s looks and needs.

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