Can Nurse Call Integration Be Non-Intrusive?

Integrating a new nurse call system can feel daunting, even impossible when you think about your daily tasks, staff, and patients. Anything that may interrupt the schedule and flow of your facility, even if it has a positive outcome, can cause you more stress than you...

Room Automation at Work

Check out our new video on our YouTube channel. This video is an example of a room automation system that was designed for Sun Hydraulics in Sarasota, Florida. All of the electronic systems in the room had separate controls, our job was to fully unify the control...

Thank You Veterans!

Today we celebrate Veterans Day. Let us pause and honor all who have served, and commend the incredible sacrifices made by the members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. On this special day, BCI would like to salute all service members on our team....

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