Meetings are stressful enough without worrying if it was properly scheduled and if there is a vacant conference room to use. Who has time to wander around, looking for a vacant conference room? A simple solution to this dilemma is an integrated scheduling panel system. Investing in a scheduling panel system like Evoko can pay dividends, helping you immediately answer questions like:

  • Do I have a room?
  • What room do I want?
  • When and for how long?
  • Who do I need to meet with?

These questions are easily answered and put into action through BCI’s scheduling panels. The easy-to-use interface with Microsoft Outlook integration ensures you and your staff will never miss a meeting.


With the intuitive interface and touchscreen, you can easily schedule an impromptu meeting directly on the panel. The visual design of the room manager allows you to see room usage through custom color indication, for example, if a room is currently being used, the scheduling panel will glow red. If there are meetings scheduled for the day, they will be displayed on the screen by showing the meeting time, duration, who booked the room, and the meeting title.

Outlook Integration

With the Outlook integration feature, you can schedule a meeting as you normally would in Outlook while booking the conference room of your choice all at the same time. Through Outlook you also can see if a room is being used and find another room that is available without leaving your desk.


With integration into your network, the scheduling panels acquire data that can be looked at later through analytics. This data can be used to see how much the conference or huddle rooms are being used. Letting you know valuable information about your employees’ usage and whether you may need to add more meeting spaces.

BCI room manager crestron

Working with BCI

Our trained BCI staff will provide you with detailed information on a scheduling system that will work for you and your business. We work directly with you each step of the way from our first conversation to our training and support. We provide turnkey installation to ensure that your business is running efficiently.

If you’re interested in an Evoko room panel or other collaboration tech in your Florida conference room, board room, or huddle room, reach out to us today.

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