The United States is increasingly a country of people in their advanced age. By 2030, roughly one in five Americans will be over the age of 65 and outnumber people under the age of 18 for the first time in U.S. history, according to a report released by the the U.S. Census Bureau. This means facing drastic changes in how we do business and approach this crucial segment of our population.

As the elderly population takes off, every part of the country will be affected. Families, the government, assisted living facilities, developers, real estate companies, health care providers, insurance providers, and many other professional spheres and communities will have to contend with the growing needs of our family members as they age.

Solutions are emerging to reduce the strain and anxiety of having to take off work or miss events to be with your loved ones. New benefits like elder care leave are catching fire with forward-thinking companies and new technologies like Amazon’s Echo Spot allow you to talk to your loved ones in real time, even if they aren’t very tech-savvy.

On the other end of the spectrum, new technologies and more clearly oriented facilities dominate growth in the assisted living market. Sweeping changes to healthcare communications systems bring greater assurance that your loved ones are safe from both a personal and a professional standpoint. TekTone is one of the most prominent providers of nurse call systems in the United States, and their new solutions come with the applications, customizability, and ease of install ALFs, hospitals, and skilled care facilities need to accommodate residents.

What is TekTone And Where Are Their Products Used?

TekTone is a full-service health care communications provider focused on bringing cutting-edge nurse call, wireless emergency call, and apartment entry systems to the facilities that need them most.

TekTone offers the architecture you need to upgrade your legacy nurse call systems with new TekTone systems using the same wiring as your old system used, but with dramatically improved functionality.

TekTone products power the nurse call systems in many different nursing and other care facilities:

  • Assisted living facilities (ALFs) for individuals who cannot or don’t want to live independently
  • Intermediate care facilities (ICFs) specializing in providing for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or have other intermittent health needs
  • Skilled care facilities for residents requiring a high level of attention
  • Surgical centers
  • OB/GYN and other specialized medical offices
  • Memory care facilities specializing in providing for residents with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other neurological diseases

Many of these facilities use nurse call systems for patient-staff communication, emergency notifications, staff assignments, paging, and even reporting to verify employees are caring for residents when they need it.

TekTone offers the architecture you need to upgrade your legacy nurse call systems with new TekTone systems using the same wiring as your old system used, but with dramatically improved functionality. Its versatility can help turn any medical facility into a modern communication and care-oriented space for residents and patients alike.

What Are Some TekTone Products and Their Capabilities?

TekTone’s newest product is the Tek-CARE160, a complete nurse call system with the peripherals you need to elevate patient care and employee teamwork. Featuring an NC415A master station, the Tek-CARE160 streamlines the relationship between nurses and residents with two-way voice communication and several peripherals to perfect the mid-range nurse call solution.

TekTone offers many nurse call systems other than the Tek-CARE160 providing more or less power and customizability depending on your needs. The Tek-Care400 P5 is TekTone’s premier nurse call option, offering an NC402TS master station with a 10” color touchscreen that can display calls throughout your health care center. The Tek-Care400 P5 can pair with multiple nurse call systems, send notifications by email, update databases, and generate reports depending on your needs.


The Tek-CARE400 provides a full-service solution to large nurse call facilities, offering endless opportunities for integration.


The Tek-CARE500 system offers a series of peripherals pictured above connected to an appliance server.


The Tek-CARE160 is a two-way communication nurse call system bringing you the best in patient and resident care.

Additionally TekTone features a wireless-oriented nurse call system: the Tek-CARE500. The Tek-CARE500 dazzles with peerless call transmission, powerful battery backups, and a variety of wireless call transmitters to send messages by text, email, paging, and the Tek-CARE Appliance Server. Waterproof pendants and check-in switches are just a couple of the great features working in tandem with the Tek-CARE500.

The Tek-CARE500 is an ideal solution for assisted living facilities or communities with independent or relatively independent residents, giving them as much privacy as possible while ensuring staff can be on-hand at the touch of a button.

TekTone has a peripheral product line supporting the Tek-CARE160 and its other nurse call systems. Dome lights for notifications, patient stations with pull cords, and pagers are just a few frequently deployed peripherals. Stainless steel, vandal-resistant staff stations and multi-color dome light configuration can also be added depending on your health care facility and patient needs.

Lastly, TekTone offers the Tek-CARE Mobile App. The app is compatible with Apple TVs, iPhones, and iPads. The Tek-CARE Mobile App allows call displays, staff requests, and viewing patient information to make life as easy as possible on your staff.

TekTone is notable for its fairly easy install, but most ALFs and other facilities seek out a professional integrator to get the best deals on hardware, have their system customized precisely to their needs, and have their staff trained on how to use the nurse call system.

How Can I Get TekTone Technology Into My ALF, ILF, Memory Care, or Other Health Care Facility?

TekTone is one of our excellent health care communications partners, and we’re one of just seven authorized TekTone dealers in Florida. Our offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers allow us to provide you with TekTone and other nurse call technology throughout central and south Florida.

Whether you need a brand new system or you’re just looking to retrofit an old one, TekTone’s sleek design, wealth of peripherals, and ease of install are just a few of the great reasons to consider investing in a modern nurse call system. At BCI Integrated Solutions, we offer a portfolio of technology systems like security and fire and life safety systems to augment your nurse call system.

Contact us today to discuss adding a nurse call system like TekTone’s to your ALF, ILF, surgical center, or other health care facility.

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