Mass notification emergency text alert

The Power of Mass Notification & Transparent Communication

Protecting What Matters Most

In an emergency, it is very important to keep your staff and/or students safe and informed. A mass notification system notifies the necessary information to the public about an emergency situation. Thus, Mass Notification is a perfect complement to your fire alarm and security systems. This system has several different options, all designed to keep your staff and facility safe. Mass Notification is used across all markets including education, healthcare, enterprise, hospitality, and more. Each market may utilize their system in a unique way, while using the same components.


These components are:

  • Voice Evacuation
  • LED Signs
  • Text Messaging
  • Integration through Digital Signage
  • Area of Refuge
  • Emergency Phone Help Points

Your Emergency Communications system must be quick, reliable, and transparent. During this age of instant technology, your staff, students, or residents expect quick response times, especially in the case of an emergency. Therefore, BCI provides mass notification systems that have multiple message delivery options to ensure maximum announcement.


Many situations can cause a mass notification system to go off, whether that is a human action, smoke alarm, police notification from a 911 call, or natural disaster. Thus, your Mass Notification system must have databases that store names, phone numbers, and delivery methods. This database is within your secure network and is updated per your settings. They must have a strong infrastructure of communications and either bandwidth or IP to deliver thousands of messages all at the same time. With our network cabling capabilities, BCI can ensure your system is always online and connected.

The most important part of mass notification is the ease of use and availability for the people you are protecting.


The system must be reliable and have great support if something goes wrong. BCI Integrated Solutions ensures your system meets your safety needs and provides superior support to your team.

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