The Importance of a Battery Backup: Keep Your System Up and Running

When the power at your business or facility goes out, there is no reason your security system should go down as well. Using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for short term power outages or a backup generator for longer spells can ensure your system is running throughout an otherwise dangerous incident. This can provide you with an extra layer of protection against natural disasters, unscheduled power outages, or even scheduled maintenance periods.

Why Do You Need an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Battery backups ensure that there are no losses of any critical systems or data loss of any kind during an emergency. If you work in a corporate or health care environment, your data systems may be critically important to your work and the safety of your patients or accounts. That means when an emergency happens, you need the proper systems in place to prevent a loss of data or downtime.

When Do You Need an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

UPS for your server room or other data network comes in handy during a crisis like a hurricane, a common danger in Florida. This gives your system an opportunity to stay live on battery power while your technicians perform your company’s emergency protocol, like back up data, safely turn off critical systems, activate secondary power sources like generators, and more.

What Other Uses Do Uninterruptible Power Supplies Have?

Uninterruptible power supplies can function as a stopgap for preventing common power problems like over- or under-voltage spikes. UPS backups can also help regulate the flow of electricity on your network, compensating for variations in wavelength or frequency of signal.

Many of these systems are in peril without an uninterruptible power supply network. For example, health care facilities making use of electrical oxygen machines and other crucial, life-saving technology cannot afford to lose power.

We can offer you unparalleled access to some of the most prominent technologies on the market today, including UPS. Drop us a line to discuss your options for keeping your systems up when you need them.

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