Web conferencing is an important tool for your business because it allows you to collaborate, work efficiently during meetings, and innovate new ways to interact with clients and staff across the globe.

Traditional video conferencing is outdated, often proving unreliable. Web conferencing has largely supplanted standard video conferencing because of its reduced resource requirements and agility.

With the invention of web conferencing, video conferencing codecs and much of the hardware sustaining video conferences on-site are unnecessary. Web conferencing gives you the opportunity to connect to a wider range of people and companies. With the traditional video conferencing codec, the other end of the call would also have to have the same standards-based codec to compress and decompress video between sources. If you wanted to connect more than four sites together for a single call, you would have to either rent time on a video conferencing bridge or invest tens of thousands of dollars in one of your own.

Skype for Business by Microsoft integrates seamlessly with the ubiquitous Office 365 Suite. This allows access and collaboration on projects through software like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. It also integrates with Outlook, allowing you to schedule meetings with ease. Many applications also partner with GoToMeeting, providing you with an even larger platform to interface with your corporate partners.

Since the web conferencing works directly through your network, you can hold a meeting anywhere with Wi-Fi, including your desk, a local coffee shop, and/or your executive boardroom. Host a web conference anywhere and allow you and your staff the flexibility to get things done.

With the popularity of Skype for Business, there has been a new category of peripherals released into the market. These peripherals include HD Pan Tilt Zoom USB Cameras, Wireless Encrypted Microphones, USB Hubs that allow the user to seamlessly connect their laptop to an AV system in the room and new control options for using all of the supported audio visual equipment in the room.

At BCI Integrated Solutions we have web conferencing solutions that integrate with web conferencing apps like Skype for Business and GoTo Meeting, generating a cost effective and flexible system that will make your business run smoother.

We’re committed to bringing you top-tier, modern, upgradeable solutions that perfectly fit your demands. We adjust to trends in audiovisual fields like videoconferencing, and we’re ready to help you excel today.

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