Clearwater High School

Clearwater High School was recently given the green light for a much needed auditorium renovation by the Pinellas County School Board. Included in the budget for this renovation was a new state-of-the-art sound and video system. Designed by TSG Design Solutions and installed by BCI Integrated Solutions Clearwater High received the top audio video system in the district.

Heading up the new audio system is a 40 channel analog mixing console by Soundcraft. This mixing console allowed for all the inputs the school currently needed with room to expand. To deliver excellent crisp sound the Yamaha Nexo speaker line was chosen. The loudspeakers were arranged in a Left Right system including (4) 15 inch speakers with a 10 inch fill speaker on each side. This configuration allowed for full coverage and high intelligibility.

The highlight of the new video system was a 10,000 lumen Christie projector. This top-of-the-line projector uses 3 chip LCD technology as well as a dual bulb system to deliver amazing image quality. To control the video system BCI installed all of the head end equipment including motorized screen controls into the control booth located at the rear of the building. The ability to close and lock the door to the control made it easy to protect and secure the equipment. When completed this project stayed under budget and on schedule. After BCI performed a full system training and the keys were handed over the school was ready for their first big production.


• 700+ Seating Capacity
• Yamaha NEXO Series Loudspeakers
• 40 Channel Soundcraft Mixing Console
• 10,000 Lumen Christie Projection System
• 24’ Draper Motorized Projection Screen



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