Sun Hydraulics

Sarasota, FL

Sun Hydraulics is an international leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds needed a signage system to get information out to 3 different areas of their business. The content of the signage needed to be for both internal (employee only) and external (visitors) uses.

The three types of digital signage BCI installed for Sun Hydraulics included:

Visitor Signage

Digital signage was installed in the lobby areas of their 3 buildings. This signage would greet visitors and give them an update on Sun Hydraulics, projects they were currently working on and new product releases.

Employee Signage

Employee Signage displays would be located in the common areas (i.e. cafeteria, main hallways) of their plants. This has internal information for their employees such as upcoming blood drive, benefits, and any other internal messaging that they wish to get out to their employees.

Merlin System

These monitors would be installed out on the production floor, they are tied into a PC that displays the production for each machine in the pod. Productions managers can easily see the status of a production run to see if they need to engage extra resources to finish a project or if they can wind down a resource because that machine isn’t needed to keep up with production. This has helped immensely with forecasting production out on the floor and has saved Sun Hydraulics time and money.

BCI continues to work with Sun Hydraulics providing digital signage solutions internationally for their UK, Germany and South Korea locations.



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