video wall and conferencing suite

Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union is a financial institution serving their clients in over 21 counties in Florida.

Their bank’s executive conference room needed an architectural and technological refresh. Suncoast Credit Union needed a way to present large video images and teleconference to other branches and executive staff. Suncoast Credit Union reached out to BCI Integrated Solutions to find a solution for their executive conference room. BCI proposed a design-build solution to create a user-friendly conferencing space for all executives.

Suncoast Credit Union’s conference table is 30-feet deep, but the ceiling height is only 9-feet high, creating a challenge for the space because of sight lines (i.e. the person in the rear of the room still needed to read information on the display.) Suncoast did not want to use projection because a projection system requires periodic lamp and filter maintenance, resulting in downtime.

BCI proposed a video wall display that required little to no maintenance. The 3×3 video wall proposed featured nine 46-inches displays equaling an approximately 140-inches display.

Because of the unique V-Shape of the 30-foot long conference table, the microphones we installed needed strategic placement to pick up everyone at the table. Sound reinforcement was used with the microphones to provide the presenter’s voice to the remainder of the room without feedback. This technology, called Mix Minus, allows the person talking to be heard from the speakers furthest from them no matter who is speaking in the room.

Audio is routed through a biamp Tesira digital signal processor while a Crestron system on an iPad controls the entire AV system. They also have a feature to stream to outbound participants for a meeting through a private server, keeping everything secure.

BCI continues to work with Suncoast Credit Union on multiple projects throughout Florida.

Systems used:

  • Planar Video Wall
  • Crestron Control System
  • Clear One Microphones
  • JBL Ceiling Recess Speakers
  • biamp Tesira



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