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With the advancement of technology, live sound systems have intelligent and innovative controls, powerful sound, and remote system management. Bring your audience an experience that they won’t forget with a range of systems that create the atmospheres you want to achieve.

From black box theaters to large performing arts centers, our certified staff will work with you to build a system that brings your vision to life. At BCI, we work with you to customize your live sound system to meet the needs of your theater, house of worship, or other live music venue.

We handle a variety of installations, including:

  • Line Array Speakers;
  • Digital Consoles;
  • Mixing from Portable Device/Tablet;
  • FX Speakers;
  • Live Performance Microphones;
  • Stage Intercom; and
  • Digital Communications.

Why Use BCI to Install Your Live Sound System?

  • We have the expertise to design your live sound system around your new or existing system;
  • Our specialists consider sound from every spot in your venue, guaranteeing particular attention to sound distribution and unwanted effects like echo and reverb;
  • We can integrate sound and sound management on its own, with any other audio video systems, and with a variety of other tech solutions like intercoms or alarms;
  • BCI can flawlessly tailor your live sound solution to your environment. We have experience in specialty solutions like incorporating chain drivers or hoists for raising and lowering speakers, installing broadcast cabling for even wider distribution; and
  • We have offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers, making installation and service calls to Tampa Bay and the surrounding area easy. We can also provide the solution you desire for your venue anywhere in Florida, across the Southeast, or anywhere in the United States.

What is the BCI Process?

BCI offers a comprehensive process to determine the best integrated solution for the live sound system of your dreams.

Schedule a BDA Systems Audit:



Our professional and certified team will provide a needs analysis for your building/facility



We then design your system from top to bottom, showing you exactly how your system will be implemented


Once approved, we start our engineering, project management, and installation process


After the project is complete, we will provide both training and support.

What Can We Offer You?

BCI takes the cream of the technological crop to develop a live sound system specifically for your needs. We analyze the space of your theater, stadium, house of worship, or other venue and design the sound system compatible with your needs. That way, you can captivate and impact your audience for years to come. The sound system we install will give you the degree of control and sound clarity you desire, and can be easily maintained, upgraded, or serviced by our technicians.

Our employees have the experience necessary for any live sound design and install, no matter how complex. Some BCI representatives, technicians, and other employees are recognized as Certified Technology Specialists by InfoComm (now AVIXA) and possess specialties in Design or Installation. We also have staff certified in Crestron products and installation, as well as several other specialty certifications for products we use to bring you the sound you demand.

What Products Do We Use for Our Live Sound Solutions?

BCI tailors its solutions to the needs of each client, but some of our most-used live audio technology includes:

We can create a live sound system from scratch based on your specifications. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive analysis and design for your project.

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BCI Integrated Solutions has provided professional solutions for businesses for over 15 years. We have had the opportunity to provide integrated systems to major sports venues, corporate training centers, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals, and many other venues.

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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Fort Myers and Orlando, BCI Integrated Solutions is a licensed provider of specialized innovative electronic building solutions and low voltage systems. BCI expertly designs and installs audio video, security, structured cabling, and life safety systems. Servicing clients locally and internationally, BCI has built solid relationships with prestigious and demanding clients and contractors by providing superior service and support.

BCI Integrated Solutions has given professional solutions for businesses for over 15 years. We have had the opportunity to provide integrated systems to major sports venues, corporate training centers, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals, and many other venues.

From system design to installation and service, BCI Integrated Solutions has the experience to handle any size project. Let us show you how we can deliver the systems you expect.



BCI has the perfect solution to all your business needs. As a full integrator of low-voltage systems, BCI is capable of any size project for almost all components of your business.