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Video surveillance is everywhere in today’s world. Many people are choosing to take security into their own hands, and your business can make the same decision. BCI Integrated Solutions produces customized designs and installations for every aspect of the modern security system.

Every security system is different. Some of our requests run across multiple facilities, and some require only a single, well-secured room. Regardless of your needs, we have the knowledge necessary to provide you with a perfect solution.

We handle a full spectrum of video surveillance installations, and we’ve worked in a variety of environments, including:

We provide a full scope of integration options, including open platform video management for instant action responses, system scaling based on your size, mobile security alerts, and much more.

Why Use BCI to Install Your Video Surveillance Technology?

  • We have an experienced team that can design your video surveillance package from the ground up;
  • We specialize in seamlessly integrating new video surveillance into existing systems, or making old systems upgrade-compatible;
  • We understand the importance of proper security camera placement and functionality, offering a wide variety of security cameras to find what’s right for you;
  • We can provide mobile security alerts and other smartphone control options to give you power over your system;
  • Many of our surveillance cameras are IP Based, connecting them directly to your network and making them highly available for viewing and manipulation; and
  • We have offices across Florida in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers. We can provide your solution anywhere in Florida you may need it, but we’ve brought solutions to businesses across the southeastern United States.

What is the BCI Process?

BCI offers a comprehensive process to determine the best integrated solution for your video surveillance package.

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Our professional and certified team will provide a needs analysis for your building/facility


We then design your system from top to bottom, showing you exactly how your system will be implemented


Once approved, we start our engineering, project management, and installation process


After the project is complete, we will provide both training and support.

What Can We Offer You?

BCI provides clients with a variety of options for managing and staying notified about their video surveillance system. Our experts will provide you with a custom design that fits your needs, using information about the locations you want to cover, the number of cameras you think you need for it, and how best to deploy that technology. We can integrate our video surveillance with a variety of systems to better serve you.

Open Platform Video Management

Our technicians and designers can implement and tailor an automatic action-and-response video management platform scalable to your growing needs.

The centrally managed system can use analytics to reduce your overhead and features interactive mapping to give you the control you need over your security systems.

Mobile Security Alerts

BCI offers remote access and smartphone control options. Our mobile security solutions provide you with surveillance and access control management from the comfort of your cellphone. Take control from anywhere in the world.

Instantly access record, playback, and sharing options for your security system wherever you are. Receive push notifications, email alerts, text messages, and remote control of your facility through Bluetooth technology.

IP Based Security Cameras

Security cameras are a growing concern for outward-facing organizations, and you should trust your integrator to offer you market standard security camera options.

We offer a wide range of security cameras for installation, including fixed domes, PTZ “pan-tilt-zooms,” panoramics, and multi-sensor cameras for full video coverage in any environment. We can provide quick security camera installation in the Tampa Bay area, Orlando, and Fort Myers. We’ve done security camera work for institutions at every level of government, educational facilities, and much more.


What Products Do We Use for Our Video Surveillance Solutions?

BCI relies on a variety of video surveillance vendors to bring you the best solutions possible, including:

Security Solutions That Work

BCI’s certified system consultants and design staff can assist you in determining possible threats, identifying assets, quantifying risks & liabilities, and developing a customized solution that works for you automatically.

Why Choose BCI for Your Security Installation?

Camera Analytics

Utilize analytics to cater your video system to your specific needs.

Maximum Data Storage

BCI provides all of your calculations to ensure that your server can support your camera recordings.

Remote Access

Carry your security system everywhere you go using remote control, video capture, and Bluetooth technology.

Systems Integration

Integrate all your systems in your facility with one open platform.

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BCI Integrated Solutions has provided professional solutions for businesses for over 15 years. We have had the opportunity to provide integrated systems to major sports venues, corporate training centers, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals, and many other venues.

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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Fort Myers and Orlando, BCI Integrated Solutions is a licensed provider of specialized innovative electronic building solutions and low voltage systems. BCI expertly designs and installs audio video, security, structured cabling, and life safety systems. Servicing clients locally and internationally, BCI has built solid relationships with prestigious and demanding clients and contractors by providing superior service and support.

BCI Integrated Solutions has given professional solutions for businesses for over 15 years. We have had the opportunity to provide integrated systems to major sports venues, corporate training centers, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals, and many other venues.

From system design to installation and service, BCI Integrated Solutions has the experience to handle any size project. Let us show you how we can deliver the systems you expect.



BCI has the perfect solution to all your business needs. As a full integrator of low-voltage systems, BCI is capable of any size project for almost all components of your business.