Wireless Fire Alarm & Burglary Monitoring

We install integrated technology solutions day in and day out, but we don’t believe the commitment we make to you should end there. We want to bring you the fastest, most reliable way to protect that technology, and your business.

That’s why we created BCINet, a wireless monitoring system to alert you and the authorities about disturbances on your property as quickly as possible.

BCINet divorces your alarm monitoring from your POT (plain old telephone) lines and uses cutting-edge technology to instantly route alarm signals through a Telular communication center to a central processing station and onto emergency services.

We can set up wireless fire alarm and burglary monitoring in any of our verticals, including commercial enterprises with a great need for rapid alarm monitoring response like:

  • Banks;
  • Universities and other educational facilities;
  • Stadiums and sports arenas;
  • Hospitals and assisted living facilities; and
  • Hotels or other hospitality buildings.

Why Use BCI to Monitor Your Alarms and Protect Your Business?

  • We provide unparalleled monitoring using the latest signal response technology;
  • “Cutting” your phone lines can save you more than $1000 annually;
  • Our system requires no upfront equipment costs;
  • We can analyze the needs of your business and determine the best alarm monitoring configuration for you;
  • We provide in-house service and monitoring to ensure your system is functioning properly; and
  • We have offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Myers, making our monitoring and service available to Tampa Bay and the surrounding area. We can provide your service solution anywhere in Florida.

What is the BCI Process?

BCI offers a comprehensive process to determine the most effective way to deploy your burglary and fire alarm monitoring package.


Schedule a BDA Systems Audit:



Our professional and certified team will provide a needs analysis for your building/facility


We then design your system from top to bottom, showing you exactly how your system will be implemented


Once approved, we start our engineering, project management, and installation process


After the project is complete, we will provide both training and support.

Why Should I Change from Traditional Phone Line Alarm Monitoring to BCINet’s Wireless Alarm Monitoring?

Fire alarm monitoring requires a dual path for signal transmission, meaning two POT lines (traditionally one dedicated, the other non-dedicated) are used.  With advancements in technology and approval from the National Fire Protection Association, VoIP has become the preferred business telecommunications application.

With POT lines in rapid decline, get a significant reduction in cost and improved signal transmission speed and reliability by signing up for BCINet wireless monitoring. Switch to VoIP today.

BCI Wireless Monitoring

BCINet Advantages:

  • No Upfront Equipment Costs;
  • Immediate Substantial Savings;
  • Quicker Signal Transmission;
  • Mitigate Equipment Obsolescence; and
  • Increased Reliability.

Contact us today to begin your needs analysis!

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